What Is Paseo

The word Paseo means journey or walk, and the format for Paseo is the same as Cursillo®. The same terms are used throughout the weekend. As is with Cursillo®, CHRIST IS IN CHARGE, but He has a rector(a) and spiritual advisor(s) carrying out His purpose for the weekend.  

The weekend is not planned as a renewal one or a time to “fix” problems. The movement provides church leaders and potential ones with a plan to work alongside Christ, both in the church and in our environments. Once Paseo Pilgrims attend the weekend, they stay connected with others in the movement through regular reunion groups and larger Ultreya gatherings. Ultreya means onward and moving forward, as in climbing a mountain. We support each other in moving onward in our work with Christ.

Cursillo® began in the Roman Catholic church and spread to the Episcopal church in the late sixties and seventies. From there a group of Episcopal Cursillistas started the Walk to Emmaus movement to provide a method for people from other denominations to attend. The purpose of that movement was to have those who could begin the Kyros movement in the prisons. All of these Christians have gone through the same process that Paseo Pilgrims will experience.

Everyone who attends a weekend will be sponsored by someone in the church. That sponsor will explain the needs for the weekend and continue to support the Pilgrim’s Christian walk long after the weekend into what we call the Fourth Day.